Peace, Love, Unity, Respect (PLUR) to environmental sustainability, food justice and growing organic food.

I discovered hydroponics during my time attending Cal State L.A. I thought it was so interesting since I had always had an interest in gardening. I started experimenting with aquaponics, making small-scale systems here and there. I then joined our campus’ student government, A.S.I. as the Environmental Affairs Commissioner, I had a plan to incorporate my love for environmental sustainability, food justice and gardening to hopefully transform my university.

The Environmental Policy Committee and I worked hard to try to incorporate vertical hydroponic gardens on our campus to create a living food pantry to combat food insecurity among our students. We were unsuccessful because of various obstacles, but my determination to solve these problems has not quieted.

I am passionate in growing organic food via hydroponics, and since they are inside my home, I also try to make them as aesthetically pleasing as possible. I am using Etsy to perfect my skills in hydroponics so that I can eventually create a non-profit organization with my close friends (who also share common interests as me) incorporating hydroponics to fight food insecurity. Organic, healthy food should be accessible to all those who desire it.

All of my products are made with Peace, Love, Unity and Respect people and our environment. I try to use as much recycled materials as possible; therefore, my packaging materials vary for each order.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Soul Gifts says:

    What a wonderful, positive and creativething you are doing – with PLUR 🙂
    I wish you an abundance of PLUR in your venture and your storying about it. And warmly welcome you into my blogging community.

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